We are dedicated to moulding holistic individuals who are emotionally, academically and physically prepared to take their rightful place in society. A positive learning environment that promotes a culture of discipline and to create a democratic environment without discrimination.


Respect, courtesy and co-operation

Practicing servant leadership

Honesty and accountability

Integrity and Transparency

Collaboration and Professionalism


Grassdale High has a regard for the past while focusing on the future. We believe in developing strong leadership abilities as well as cultural and gender sensitivities. We also strive to create a disciplined environment in which learners and educators can thrive.

Learner Portal

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have established an online means for learners to access subject matter. Learners will register on the system to gain access to their relevant Grades' content. Click the relevant Grade below to register as a Learner and complete the registration form.


Kindly ensure that your child follows required protocol on arrival and that they are wearing a mask and that social distancing is observed. We understand that they will be excited on seeing their friends after such a long time, but hugs and kisses are a definite no, no. Teachers will meet learners at the gate at the entrance point in 4th avenue to direct them as to what to do. There will be no access from 5th avenue. The first day will involve an orientation process in terms of COVID -19 operations at school where learners will receive education on the virus and what will become their new normal. 

For a complete understanding of Grassdale High School is handling the pandemic, click COVID 19 protocols.


Grassdale is an academy of learning that grows and fosters leadership amongst all participants. This year we have found ourselves in a situation where this skill will be tested amongst all. We want to believe that our families are all participating in the five golden rules coupled with the values the school has installed in its members. A new norm has been created and this requires a new approach to our action. One of the pillars of our institution is for every child to become an agent of change and to adapt to any form of change. My appeal and challenge to all is to work as a collective in order to create the best possible opportunities for all participants so that they can thrive and excel during their tenure at this prestigious School, let's do it with “Grassdale liefde.”