Representative Council of Learners (RCL)

The South African Act (84 of 1996) states that a Representative Council of Learners (RCL) must be established at every public school. These are the only legitimate, legal learner leadership structure in school. Currently most schools elect RCLs but these learners are generally equipped with the knowledge, skills and values with which to effectively carry out their roles and responsibilities.

At Grassdale High, we place a significant amount of emphasis on the RCL by instilling an element of leadership, accountability and overall empowerment to learners. This ensures our learners have a practical experience of the real world. Our teachers are supportive to this empowerment through continued support through all aspects of the RCL. Mr Hendricks has been elected by the RCL to be the Teacher Liaison Officer (TLO) and mentor to the RCL. He has proven to be a role model to learners and has a passion for youth empowerment and youth development by constantly guiding and training youth to adopt a culture of etiquette and respect. As his role defines him, he ensures that the necessary tools are available for efficient management of the RCL.

The RCL is appointed through an election process annually for each Grade; we have had our elections of RCL members last year for the grade 9 -12 of 2020, while the new Grade 8 representatives will be elected early in the new school year of 2021. Thereafter, the RCL office bearers / Executive Committee will be elected. The TLO will then be in a position to communicate the Grade elected members. Grassdale High RCL constitution is available for review, if needed and can be found under Downloads section in the footer of our websites.


Grade 8
Jade Flagg
Riley Harris
Robyn Davids

Grade 9
Ridhaa Hendricks
Chelsea Bruyns- chairperson
Alana Carter

Grade 10
Tara Stevens
Nicole Griffin- deputy secretary
Hakeem Davids

Grade 11
Britney Spannenburg- secretary
Unathi Bukani
Nieyaaz Laatoe

Grade 12
Khanicia Solomons- deputy chairperson
Quan Manuel- treasurer
Trevio September